Tracy CA Homes – The Basics of Selling Your House

Are you considering selling your Tracy CA home? Review the list below so you know what to expect when the time comes.

  1. Decide why you want to sell
    The reason why you want to sell your home may influence how fast your home will sell.
  2. Undress your house
    Buyers want to feel like the home belongs to them so it is essential that you depersonalize it before buyers come to view your home.
  3. Contact a local real estate agent
    Local agents are the best resource for you since they have the most knowledge of the area.
  4. Review the seller’s net sheet for estimated costs of selling your house
    You want to know how much profit you will net after the expenses of selling your home.
  5. Negotiate and implement a listing agreement
    All listing agreements are negotiable and should be in writing before being executed.
  6. Disclose any property flaws
    Save yourself some trouble and disclose all known defects of the house.
  7. Prepare your house for showings
    You may get a call for a buyer showing with a spur of a moment’s notice. Always be ready to show your home.
  8. Accept, Decline, or Counteroffer any offers
    Review any offers you receive with your real estate. They will be able to advise you on which way to proceed.
  9. Meet your time commitments as stated in the ratified contract
    A ratified contract is a binding contract. You must meet your time commitments or negotiate new time frames and put them in writing by using addenda.
  10. Make your house available for inspections
    In most cases, the buyers will want a thorough inspection of your house before closing. Make sure the house is available so the time frames in the contract can be met.
  11. Arrange a time with the escrow company to sign any mandatory documents
    Once the buyer’s financing is approved and the funds can be drawn, the escrow company will have you sign a final net sheet that shows how much you will receive from the sale.
  12. Prepare to move out of the house by the agreed upon closing date
    The buyers are anxious to move into their new home. By now, you should have received your funds. You can arrange to provide the keys to your listing agent who in turn will make sure he buyers receive them. The buyers will also appreciate it if you could leave the property in good condition.

The above steps provide an overview of selling your home. California Advantage Real Estate can help you get started If you are considering selling your California home in Tracy, Mountain House, Lathrop, Manteca, or any surrounding area. Contact us at (209) 836-3300 or send us an email.


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