Is Now the Time to Sell Your Tracy CA Home?

The current market is a crazy one. In recent years, the Tracy CA real estate market was full of homes for sale, but not enough buyers. Now, we have many buyers, but not enough homes on the market. The result has been that almost every house that is placed on the market has received multiple offers that resulted in more money in the seller’s pocket. Many homes have been sold for more than their listed price.

If you have been considering selling your house, but are not sure what the current value is, you may want to confer with a Tracy CA real estate agent. They will be able to run a comparable market analysis for you, free of charge, to see if now would be a good time for you to sell your house.

Some people have been putting off selling their house because they are underwater. Well the times are changing! If you are approximately $50,000 upside down on your house, and you want to sell without dealing with the bank, you need to take action now!

With the current market, you may be able to sell your house as a traditional seller and avoid a short sale. You will most likely receive an offer that is over your asking price, but you have to price the house right in order to get many buyers interested in your home.

Don’t wait too long. We can show you how to get the most profit out of your house, and we will guide you throughout the transaction. You will receive a complete breakdown of all the costs associated with selling your home, and we will negotiate with you so that you are satisfied with your net profit.

Call us today at (209) 836-3300, or complete our contact form, so we can determine what your Tracy CA home is currently worth and if it’s a good time for you to sell.


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